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Institute Update: The Institute’s Commitment to Community, Family and Child Vitality

2023 Institute Update: A close look at who we are and what we have been up to lately! Who are...
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For Black Maternal Health Week, We Want More for Moms with Maternal Depression

This week, the Black Mamas Matter Alliance is celebrating its fourth-ever Black Maternal Health Week. The observance even received a...
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Fatherhood and Mental Health when the World Falls Apart

Before I became a father, I was very unaware of my own mental health. Today, on the eve of World...
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Another Fatality Rate Looms Alongside Deaths from COVID-19: Suicides

Suicide rates were already rising dramatically. Is the coronavirus pandemic making them even worse? As if the threat of contracting...
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Suicide Prevention Isn’t Easy, But It Is Definitely Possible

Suicide is hard to talk about and hard to study. That makes suicide prevention hard, too. No story of suicidal...
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The Other Pandemic: Disgust and Fear Spread, Too

As we struggle to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus, there’s another danger we face: becoming afraid of each other....
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Fathers’ unique play style is important for their kids’ development. That’s another reason their mental health matters.

When my oldest son was around 2 or 3, he and I invented a “game” that involved me knocking him...
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Juneteenth: It’s a Celebration! And a Chance to Promote Anti-Racism…Even in Youth

Happy Juneteenth! Juneteenth, or “Freedom Day,” marks the arrival of Union troops in Galveston Bay, Texas, to give the last...
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Quarantined Kids Need Moments of Simple Family Joy

It will be months, perhaps years before we determine just how much of our pre-pandemic “normal” we can (or want...
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Racism Is Causing a Health Crisis. What Are We Doing About It?

Living with racism is like carrying around a 20-pound bag of cat litter all day, every day. That’s the unusual...
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