New White Paper: The Power of Multicultural Learning for Behavioral Health Professionals

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Cultural humility — whether seen as the foundation of cultural competence or the garden in which cross-cultural relationships grow — is necessary for all behavioral health providers. It is closely entwined with trauma-informed care and therapeutic alliance, as vital keys to unlocking the best possible patient outcomes.

Thus, healthcare organizations of all stripes should not merely make cultural humility a type of program or component of their training, but infuse it into every aspect of their operations. A desire to learn and an attitude of respect toward all the many intersecting cultures will enhance care and benefit both clinician and client, particularly those in underserved or marginalized communities.

Our white paper, “Humble Before the Culture: The Power of Immersive, Ongoing Multicultural Learning for Behavioral Health Professionals,” serves as an introduction to cultural humility and a resource guide for clinical training and supervision. In it, we define cultural humility and highlight its importance in building therapeutic relationships. Then, we offer resources for cultural competency training and further exploration of innovative clinical frameworks and models.

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