Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to enhance lives and build stronger communities for individuals at all stages of life through innovation, research and evaluation, professional training and development, and advocacy. Our models, trainings and primary research translate cutting edge science and best practices into products and services available to health professionals, educators, policy makers, philanthropists, community leaders and families.


We envision:

Communities full of Resilient Children, Families & Adults with limited Adverse Childhood and Community Experiences (ACEs).

Informed health, educational and policy professionals and community members who adopt a “WE” attitude to produce collaborative and safe environments that lead to advantageous outcomes for children, adults and families.

Science & Evidence driven decision making by people, programs and policies that serve and impact children, adults and families.

Serving as an in-demand source for expert information and resources for early childhood mental health, social-emotional development and wellness for children and families.