Activities for Kids to Do at Home

Activities for Kids to Do at Home: Joy and Play

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Right now, parents and guardians everywhere need activities for kids to do at home during lockdowns and closures due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. So to help, we’re bringing some of our Joyful Together activities to you!

With social distancing the norm and schools shut down, we wanted to provide caretakers with simple, fun, everyday activities. But more than that, we want to focus on something that may get lost in the anxiety and worry: joy.

Fortunately, we already have these resources. Best of all, we’ve seen them decrease parental stress while boosting childhood resiliency. Joyful Together infuses joy into everyday interactions between caretakers and children. The idea is that joy and play are essential building blocks in child development and relationships. By using these tools with our innate need for attachment, children and their families will thrive.

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About Joyful Together

Joyful Together is a play-based model developed by the Institute of Family & Community Impact.

We created this tool for caregivers because of the pressing need for it among our families and communities. Nearly half of all children in Ohio have at least one adverse childhood experience, while one in seven have three or more.

Why do we care so much about this? Because we know adverse childhood experiences can lead to toxic stress, impacting brain development and increasing risk of long-term negative health effects.

Because of how it enhances child/caregiver relationships through joyful play, Joyful Together builds childhood resiliency and reduces toxic stress in children. It provides easy-to-do activities, coaching parents and caregivers on playing with their children in order to create stronger bonds and lower stress.

All of the activities we share here come directly from our Joyful Together manual. You can purchase it in our online shop.

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