Joyful Together

Joyful Together

Lowers Parent Stress, Improves Relationships and Increases Childhood Resiliency!

Joyful Together© is a research-based model that builds childhood resiliency and reduces toxic stress in children by enhancing parent/caregiver relationships with joyful play. Joyful Together© provides easy-to-do activities to coach parents and caregivers on playing with their children to create stronger bonds and lower stress.

Joyful Together©:

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Just by parents and caregivers adding joyful play into everyday activities with their children!

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Parent Testimonial-
“I just wanted you to know what happened this morning, and to thank you for the ideas for how to help Daylin.”

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Less Stress: More Joy

by Kaylah Paul

Stress is a normal part of everyday life for children, but when life presents too much stress, too often it can become toxic stress. Adult caregivers can help protect against toxic stress by creating a secure relationship, full of positive, caring and playful activity. Joyful Together© is the perfect way to protect children against toxic stress by creating a secure relationship full of positive, caring and playful activity. Joyful Together© is a series of age-appropriate activities that parents and caregivers can do with children during everyday activities. Joyful Together© does not require perfect parenting but rather supports parents and caregivers finding ways to play that are just right for them.

Read more about the types of stress, how toxic stress affects children and what you can do about it.


Addressing & Preventing Childhood Toxic Stress in Ohio

Toxic stress occurs as a response to prolonged, adverse experiences without adequate adult support that impairs brain development and functioning. The 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health found that as many as 1 in 7 Ohio children had experienced three or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), higher than the national average. Childhood adversity often leads to toxic stress, which has multifaceted deleterious implications across a lifespan; however all hope is not lost. Children’s brains are highly susceptible to negative experiences, but are also strongly impacted by positive experiences as well, leaving opportunities to build adequate defenses against toxic stress.

Based on standing theories that resiliency helps children better face tough life stressors, in addition to the powerful impact of secure attachment on brain development and childhood outcomes, we postulated that improving resiliency through the vector of relationships would dampen the impact of childhood toxic stress. Improved relationships between caregivers and children provide rich opportunities to offer resiliency to children who have experienced toxic stress, in addition to building protective factors that can also prevent toxic stress for children.

Read the full “Addressing & Preventing Childhood Toxic Stress in Ohio” Whitepaper.

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  • April 24, 2019 – Ohio Children’s Alliance Spring Conference | Columbus, OH Joyful Together: Reigniting Relationships and Reinforcing Resiliency in Children and Caregivers with Play
  • May 23-26, 2019 – Association for Psychological Sciences | Washington, DC Effects of Parent-Child Play: Lowers Salivary Cortisol and Parent Stress, and Increases Childhood Resiliency
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