Catch Us Online Oct. 27 at Data Days CLE

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After a six-month delay, we’re excited to announce we will be a part of Data Days CLE this month, thanks to technology!

Originally scheduled for April, this local data-centered conference now will run virtually through Zoom sessions beginning Wednesday, Oct. 21. You can catch our session, “Building a Data Culture: Replicable Data Trainings and Tools,” on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 10:30 a.m. Register at!

We are proud to partner with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and NASA Glenn Research Center for this conversation on driving a data-informed company culture and empowering non-data practitioners to make data-driven decisions. We and our fellow hosts will highlight experiences identifying and overcoming barriers around the implementation of data practices, data literacy, and data management methods, achieving symbiotic dependency between data sets and tools, and the development of deliverable reporting products.

Data Days CLE is an annual conference in the greater Cleveland area for promoting accessible, open data use for community impact. Find out more at!

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