Category: Scientific Summaries

Summations of published research, journal articles, or other sources with scientific and technological content related to current scope of IFCI.


Banking Time in Head Start: Early Efficacy of an Intervention Designed to Promote Supportive Teacher-Child Relationships

SUMMARY Past research has indicated that teacher-child relationships are important in promoting children’s social adaptation through second grade. From both teachers’ and children’s perspectives, the emotional bond between adults and children in schools has...


Investigating the Moderating Role of Culture on the Relationship Between Appraisals and Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

SUMMARY Appraisals related to control have been found to play a central role in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Recent research has demonstrated that culture affects the way individuals appraise an experience. This study investigated...


Facial Affect and Interpersonal Affiliation: Displays of Emotion During Relationship Formation in Social Anxiety Disorder

SUMMARY Negative behaviors associated with social anxiety disorder (SAD), such as negative impressions by others and eventual social exclusion, are expected to deprive individuals with SAD from positive interpersonal connection. Identifying these particular behaviors...


Neural Correlates of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms, Trauma Exposure, and Postmigration Stress in Response to Fear Faces in Resettled Refugees

SUMMARY This study sought to understand the direct effects of PTSD symptoms, cumulative trauma load from trauma exposure, and environmental stress from postmigration on the neural functioning of resettled refugees by investigating neural correlates...


Therapeutic Perinatal Research with Low-Income Families: Leveraging Benevolent Childhood Experiences (BCEs) and Fathers’ Perspectives to Promote Resilience

SUMMARY This article explored the value of clinical research during the pregnancy period that would be valuable and beneficial because of its ability to build positive, inclusive, and therapeutic experiences in low-income and ethnically...