Clinical Innovations

The Institute of Family & Community Impact drives clinical innovation by creating informed and progressive mental health practices that are evidence informed. Our intentions for all clinical innovations is to focus on treatment and prevention products and programs that are implemented with sound training practices to fidelity. 

The Institute adopts an interpersonal psychological and neurobiological approach to mental health care delivery.  This approach requires purposeful and intensive training for clinical staff (i.e. therapists, paraprofessionals).  Our clinical innovations include professional training and products that cutting edge science and research into curricula and products that leverage applied science to better serve children, families and communities.


Manualizing our approach to mental health care is critical to support implementation and use by practitioners. Our CBT-Plus manual series presents our innovative trauma- and toxic stress-informed approach to clinical model that expands and enriches cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) by incorporating critical knowledge from fields such as interpersonal psychology and neurobiology to address the psychobiological impact of client experiences. 

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