OhioGuidestone, IFCI Support HHS Levy Issue 33

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Each day at OhioGuidestone, we witness the incredible impact that health and social services can have on the lives of families and communities. This includes the remarkable strides of those on the pathway to recovery, homes with more joy and improved parent/child relationships, and children thriving in quality early care and education settings. Therefore, we are proud supporters of Cuyahoga County Health and Human Services levy Issue 33.

We all stand to gain from a healthy and resilient local community. To that end, this levy helps to support an important safety net for residents. We undoubtedly are affected in numerous ways when our neighbors suffer, from abuse, neglect, substance use disorder, and other issues. Local funding is essential to fill gaps in service needs that would otherwise go unmet, likely leading to increased costs down the road. Furthermore, the levy is an important reminder that most of us will rely on support from our community at some point in our lives.

Supporting #Issue33 is an important step in ensuring that we maintain a robust network of quality services.Click To Tweet

Due to changes in life circumstances or the additional help individuals often require as they age, research suggests that seeking health and social service support in times of need is commonplace. Supporting Issue 33 is an important step in ensuring that we maintain a robust network of quality services as a safeguard against the inevitable challenges we will all likely face.

The deep challenges facing our communities persist and, therefore, we must persevere in our efforts to tackle them head-on. Our mission is to enhance lives and build stronger communities for individuals at all stages of life. We do this through innovation, research and evaluation, professional training and development, and advocacy. We know firsthand how critical levy support is for local residents of all ages. That’s why we are enthusiastic to support the passage of Issue 33.

Help Support Issue 33

Because we believe every voice is important, we want you to help us support the levy and spread the message.

  • Share this post on social media to let everyone know we endorse Issue 33.
  • You can follow Issue 33 on Facebook here, and be sure to like and share!
  • Mark your calendars for election day, Tuesday, March 17.
  • For information on voting and getting involved, visit the levy website.

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