Father’s Feelings Study Can Be Done Remote Now, Too

You now can join our Father’s Feelings study remote. Find out how.

Last week, we let you know that our Joyful Together® study had reopened virtually. Now, dads with babies can join our Father’s Feelings study remote, too!

In an effort to expand our research studies during the COVID-19 pandemic, OhioGuidestone and the Institute of Family & Community Impact have restarted our studies with remote access. With online forms and videoconferencing, you can participate in our studies from the safety and comfort of your own home!

The Father’s Feelings study is our latest project for dads with babies. We want to better understand the experiences of fathers during the first year of their children’s lives. To do that, we’re asking dads with children 12 months old or younger to sign up and join us!

Each participating father will receive five one-on-one sessions with our research assessors through a secure virtual videoconferencing platform (no downloads required). During the study, dads will answer a few short questionnaires and talk about their feelings and experiences. Then, once they’ve completed the study, each participant will receive a $25 gift card as a thank you.

Read more about the study at www.familyandcommunityimpact.org/fathers-feelings-study.

Help Spread the Word!

Sound like something you want to do? Sign up today at https://research.ohioguidestone.org/study/fathers-feelings-sign-up.

Want to know more? Email us at research@ohioguidestone.org, call us at 440-260-8865, or submit a message through our contact form at www.familyandcommunityimpact.org/contact.

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