Trauma-Informed Care Training and Consultation

Trauma-Informed Care is a compassionate, contextual approach to therapeutic services and environments, focusing on client histories of hurt and resilience. Trauma-Informed Care seeks to validate client experiences of trauma and toxic stress, and understand their impact on client symptoms and functioning, while also considering the biology of trauma and toxic stress.

Trauma-Informed Care is holistic: it incorporates care for the body and the mind, understanding how intimately connected mind and body are. Trauma-Informed Care is respectful of client needs to take back control of their lives, including stories of hurt and recovery. Trauma-Informed Care changes the language of care by asking, “What happened to you?” instead of simply diagnosing mental illness. As such, Trauma-Informed Care is inherently client-centered.

Trauma-Informed Care acknowledges that oppressive contexts such as marginalization and discrimination create environments that are harmful to humans, as well as the need to change the conditions many of our clients live in.

Rather than being just another program, Trauma-Informed Care is a way of being with clients. Trauma-Informed Care communicates that hurt can be healed in compassionate and mindful relationships.

Our Trainings and Consultations

We provide Trauma-Informed Care training and consultation services for behavioral health institutions of all sizes. Our trainings are built to meet your needs. They will cover:

  • Trauma and Toxic Stress
  • The Neurobiology of Trauma and Toxic Stress
  • Trauma and Attachment
  • Reflective Supervision in Trauma-Informed Care
  • Integration of Right-Brain and Left-Brain Interventions
  • CBT, DBT, and ACT in Trauma-Informed Care
  • CBT Plus/Manualized Care in Trauma Treatment

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