ESC Sponsored Free Webinar Friday May 22nd: “Juggling Too Many Plates?”

Juggling too many plates? Join this Friday’s webinar led by OhioGuidestone’s Assistant Director of Innovation & Impact and IFCI Clinical Fellow, Reinhild Boehme, that will focus on self-care in very anxious times.

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Juggling Too Many Plates?

Learn Strategies to Juggle it all Including Stress, Chaos, and Self-Care.

Friday May 22, 2020 at 9-10:30am

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Many of those working in the schools feel their lives have been turned upside down. They are now teaching and providing other school services virtually, often while managing their own families at home. Additionally, educators worry about an uncertain future and what teaching will look like in the future in the face of a worldwide pandemic.

This webinar will introduce you to ways in which you can build personal and collective resilience. We will identify mindful steps you can take to take care of yourself in these difficult times. Specifically, we will examine the practice of self-compassion and explore how to engage in micro-moments of self-care in the context of our very busy lives. We will examine the role of social connection in resilience-building and explore practical ways to stay connected in spite of the current circumstances.

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