During COVID-19, Nurses Need More Than Just Our Thanks

nurse outside wearing mask

It would be hard to undervalue nurses right now. Whether in hospitals or nursing homes, they are performing one of the most vital and dangerous jobs in the world. Many nurses and other healthcare professionals must work in direct exposure to COVID-19. Because of this, they need the support of our greater community. While we celebrate National Nurses Week, we must show them more than simply our thanks and appreciation.

Nurses Do More Than Healthcare

Since we’re part of a behavioral health organization, we always are attuned to whole healthcare, especially mental health. So when we think about nurses, we think of the essential services they provide to patients’ mental health. A nursing job generally requires compassion and empathy, which help build trust and alleviate stress. Yet nurses therefore must expend vast emotional resources to provide support and care.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses’ emotional reserves are stretching thin. An already high-stress job has turned into a battlefront. If we truly want to show our gratitude for these workers, we must change our own behaviors. We must strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth by the medical community. The best thanks we can give healthcare providers is if our commitment matches theirs.

How Can We Support Nurses During COVID-19?

man washing hands during covid-19

Like all medical staff, nurses need to do everything they can to protect themselves while treating patients. So we can help by also protecting ourselves — and, therefore, our frontline healthcare providers.

Staying at home if possible, wearing masks when we have to go to public places, and constantly practicing good hygiene (such as handwashing and social distancing) are some of the most important ways we can support nurses. Because the healthier and safer we are, the healthier and safer nurses will be.

And that’s the greatest gift we can give them right now.

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