#JoyAtHomeWithDad Week Is April 20-24, And You’re Invited

graphic announcing #JoyAtHomeWithDad week

Dads, find time for joy and play with your kids during #JoyAtHomeWithDad Week from April 20-24.

Want to participate in some social media fun and help strengthen your father-child bond? Then follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily activities from our Joyful Together program starting Monday, April 20. Just look for the #JoyAtHomeWithDad hashtag. We’ll also encourage you to share a picture or video of your family joy!

All activities will come directly from our Joyful Together manual, which helps caregivers infuse joy and play into relationships through easy, everyday games and activities. Each incorporates a basic developmental element — such as sound, sight, balance, taste, or touch. Best of all, Joyful Together activities build resilience and reduce stress, two things families need now more than ever!

Join us each day next week from Monday through Friday, and see how you can find some simple joys for a healthier home life!

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About Joyful Together

Joyful Together is a research-based, play-centered model. We created it to alleviate toxic stress in children. Because we saw firsthand how toxic stress impacts kids and families, we wanted to boost joy in their lives.

We also know parents can often feel overwhelmed, busy, and completely stressed out. So we came up with easy, simple activities for them to do with their children. These activities foster connection and joy, which are at the heart of healthy child development.

Although we focused on kids, we discovered that parents and caregivers gained psychological benefits from Joyful activities as well. This makes sense, since all humans need connection, joy, and play in their lives. The more families experience joy, the stronger and healthier they will be!

To find out more about Joyful Together, click here or email us at IFCI@ohioguidestone.org.

Our Joyful Together manual breaks down the science behind Joyful activities. It also gives background, insights, and instructions on how to implement the many activities it offers. To purchase it, click below.

The Institute of Family & Community Impact is a initiative of OhioGuidestone, one of Ohio’s largest behavioral health agencies. From research to products to clinical innovations, we provide tools for mental health treatment. For questions or more info, email us at IFCI@ohioguidestone.org.

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