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Let’s Get Joyful Together! Read our December Newsletter!

Joyful Together Newsletter

What are IFCI’s Monthly Newsletters?

Each month the Institute of Family and Community Impact an OhioGuidestone initiative releases research Newsletters to explore our innovations closely. We want to communicate our projects, innovations, and other happenings while strengthening our relationship with the community in an accessible manner. Read the December Newsletter that closely explores Joyful Together by following the above link.

About our Joyful Together December Newsletter release

Joyful Together, our evidence-based program that limits toxic stress in children while enhancing childhood resiliency and adding positive childhood experiences has proven success in our Ohio communities. This success has taken on many different variations ranging from parent-caregiver relationships to positively impacting early childhood educators and pediatricians. We explore the Joyful Together process, and a deep look into our Joyful Together Ohio Children’s Trust Fund 2021-2022 project.

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    Sneak-peek inside the December Monthly Newsletter

    • Research Railroad: Meet the Research Assistant crew and find out what we have been up to! P.S. We are hiring so if it is your goal to move toward a more equitable, resilient society come join our crew!
    • Community Resources: We work with the communities we serve! In each Newsletter release find some resources that might be of help to you!
    • Understand more about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Our Joyful Together program has been proven to reduce toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences. In this release we explore stress and early brain growth and break it down into digestible facts!
    • Read along with us: Each newsletter release will contain a reading corner! In this corner you can find articles related to the innovation explored. This month read our recommendations that align with Joyful Together!


    We want to hear from YOU! Contact us with your suggestions and feedback on our Newsletter releases! Stay tuned to see your suggestions in future editions!

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