January Quarterly Magazette

Read the Institute’s January Quarterly Magazette to learn more about who we are and what we do! 

January IFCI Magazette 

About our Quarterly Magazette:

In the Institute’s January Quarterly Magazette you will learn who we are, what we do, and for who! In this release you will find a brief exploration of IFCI’s innovations, our literature recommendations for the month. Additionally, you get to learn more about our community partnerships!

Meet us! 

Curious to see the faces behind IFCI’s drive toward a more equitable society? You will meet some of our Institute fellow’s and other important staff in this Magazette!

Two Institute leaders posing with pediatrician around a table with a podcast microphone

Assistant Vice President of Applied Clinical Sciences & Research and Institute Fellow & Joyful Together trainer Kristina Ryan with Dr. Sarah recording a podcast episode that details our evidence-based program Joyful Together

Partner and advocate with us! 

Our goal as OhioGuidestone’s Center of Excellence for research, clinical training, innovation and advocacy is to strengthen our relationship with the community in an accessible and ongoing manner. Have feedback or suggestions on what you would like to see next? Email research@ohioguidestone.org and let us know how we can better serve, advocate, and partner with YOU! 

Wondering why you should read? 

The Institute strives to collaboratively partner with YOU to build more equitable and resilient communities, families, and children! In this release you will find more information on how we are partnering with our community at conferences, webinars, and through our community partnerships with organizations, and people!

See the impact of your support in future releases!

We wouldn’t be us without you. As an organization that builds community resiliency through community building- we need people like you to interact and engage with our Magazettes. Our innovations are developed for and with readers like you. Learn how you can get involved by reading today and see the impact of your involvement in our future releases!

Support our vision by learning our purpose & mission

We at IFCI envision science and evidence-driven decision making by people, programs, and policy makers that contribute to communities full of resilient and healthy children, families and adults with limited adversity and abundant positive and benevolent experiences.

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Learn more about OhioGuidestone’s community-based services and programs, especially for early childhood mental health, school based therapy, and family counseling.

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