Joyful Together ECE Named ‘Frontier of Innovation’ by Harvard University

Our Joyful Together ECE (Early Care & Education) pilot study recently was selected as one of the “Frontiers of Innovation” by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.

Because of this honor, the Institute of Family and Community Impact (IFCI) will be able to partner with the Center on the study. With the Center’s help, we’ll be able to improve, implement, and test our Joyful Together ECE program. And we’ll do it right here in Cuyahoga County!

joyful together ece demo with smiling caregiver and child
Joyful Together™ infuses caregiver-child relationships with joy and play.

By infusing relationships with joy and play, Joyful Together has helped local families build child resiliency and reduce caregiver stress. Our ECE version also works toward these same goals. But it doesn’t just focus on home life. Instead, it puts Joyful Together into professional ECE contexts, including elementary and preschool classrooms and childcare centers.

Joyful Together is an innovative model that brings out the core connections between play, joy, attachment, and child-caregiver relationships. When we do this, families can be transformed for the better and for the long-term.

That’s why, then, we’re introducing Joyful Together training for ECE professionals. Our little ones spend a lot of time in classrooms and childcare centers. Because of this, they play a critical role in early development.

We’re deeply honored and grateful to the Center for choosing us and for the support we’re receiving from them. Most importantly, we’re excited to continue working with families, communities, and colleagues alike. It’s the next step on our journey to build and strengthen the lives of those we serve. So we can’t wait to get our study off and running!

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