New White Paper: Substance Use Disorder and Telehealth Treatment After COVID-19

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Substance use disorder and mental health treatment via telehealth has abruptly become a necessary means of health care delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, substance use disorder is on the rise, likely due in part by the social isolation and added stress of the pandemic.

Thus, in order to respond adequately to the need for substance use disorder treatment, telehealth options are a must for clients. While the technological ability for providers to reach clients remotely can potentially make an extreme impact moving forward, clients need reliable and consistent access to the internet for telehealth to work effectively.

Our latest white paper, “An Evolution of Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment: The Post-Pandemic Need for Technological Change,” is a call for policymakers and advocates to push for improved broadband infrastructure and internet accessibility for all Ohioans.

While we need to research and learn more about telehealth-delivered treatment, telehealth has provided an opportunity for many clients, especially those who are most isolated or face disparities in healthcare accessibility, to gain access to treatment they otherwise would not have.

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