Joyful Together Video Game!

What do I do?
Take a look at the list of quick, easy-to-do Joyful Together® games. Pick your favorite one and try it out with your kid(s). When you’re comfortable with it, take a short video of you and your child playing the game you chose. Then, upload it to our shared Joyful Together® Video Library folder! Be sure to shoot the video horizontally and to prop your phone up on a steady surface.Why are we doing this?
Joyful Together® is a play-based model we developed to help strengthen the bond between children and their caregivers. Play and joy are super important to child development. Plus, they improve childhood resiliency and lower caregiver stress. This stuff really works! To help train clinicians and caregivers in the Joyful Together® model, we need real-life examples in action to demonstrate how to do the activities. That’s where you come in!

Will I have to sign something?
Yes, you will need to fill out and sign our media release form. Your video may be used in trainings, or even shared on one of our social media pages! And you will be entered in a random drawing for a $25 gift card. Three lucky winners will be chosen!

Where do I upload my video?
You can put your video directly into our Joyful Together ® Video Library folder on SharePoint — just click here! Then email the media release form to the Communications & Marketing team at Tell us which Joyful Together® activity you picked, and make sure you sign the release form so you can be included in the prize drawing!

I still have questions.
Feel free to direct your questions to the Communications & Marketing team at

Pick a Joyful Together® Activity!
Here are some options for activities. Don’t see one you like? Email to find many, many more!

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