May Newsletter- Joyful Together Early Care Education

OhioGuidestone’s Institute of Family and Community Impact is all about helping to make school even more enJOYable! Learn more about Joyful Together-ECE (Early Care Education) in the May Newsletter below.

May Newsletter

What are IFCI’s Monthly Newsletters?

Each month the Institute of Family and Community Impact an OhioGuidestone initiative releases research Newsletters to explore our innovations closely. We want to communicate our projects, innovations, and other happenings while strengthening our relationship with the community in an accessible manner. Read the May Newsletter that closely explores our community of learners by clicking the link above!

About our Joyful Together Early Care Education Release

Joyful Together is an evidence-based program that limits toxic stress in children while enhancing childhood resiliency and adding positive childhood experiences. Joyful Together uses play to enhance relational health through everyday moments between children and early childhood care and education professionals. This program equips early childhood educators and administrators with tools to implement the model into routines within early childhood education centers and classrooms. In this Newsletter we explore Joyful Together Early Care Education- currently funded by Starting Point and the J.M. & H.W. Stielau Foundation.

Teacher talking to a group of students.

Sneak-Peek Inside the Joyful Together Early Care Education Newsletter

  • Exploration of Joyful Together Early Care Education
  • May Reading Corner: In this release we introduce you to our book Joyful Together for Early Childhood Educators. Joyful Together is the Institute’s research-based model that builds childhood resiliency and reduces toxic stress in children by enhancing student-teacher bonds with joyful play. Joyful Together ECE provides easy-to-do activities for Early Childhood Educators and explores the importance of joy, play, and relationships to early childhood brain development.
  • Community Resources: Remember we work with the communities we serve! In each Newsletter release you will find some resources that might be of help to you or someone you know!


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