New White Paper: Preventing Harm from Racism and Poverty

Racism and poverty are two major drivers of toxic stress, which harms families and communities across the United States. This stress can lead to a large number of adverse health effects and outcomes, particularly in children, causing long-term health issues and even reducing life expectancy.

Our latest white paper focuses on this urgent topic. In particular, we note the importance of addressing these social ills at their core. By doing this, we can help everyone thrive.

As one of Ohio’s largest behavioral health agencies, OhioGuidestone recognizes our commitment to the families and communities we serve and the need to eliminate sources of toxic stress in their lives as a preventative public health goal. Thus, we call on health providers and public policymakers in all fields to address the interconnected systemic inequities and injustices of racism and poverty that harm the people we are dedicated to serve.

But for health and wellness to flourish, racism and poverty both must be eliminated.

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