February Newsletter- Maternal Vitality Study

We want Moms to THRIVE! Read our February Newsletter to find out what IFCI is doing to make this happen!

Maternal Vitality Newsletter

What are IFCI’s Monthly Newsletters?

Each month the Institute of Family and Community Impact an OhioGuidestone initiative releases research Newsletters to explore our innovations closely. We want to communicate our projects, innovations, and other happenings while strengthening our relationship with the community in an accessible manner. Read the February Newsletter that closely explores our Maternal Vitality Study by clicking the link above.

About our February Maternal Vitality Study Release

Our Maternal Vitality Study is a research-based therapy protocol developed with Black women for Black women by the Institute of Family and Community Impact and our supporting partner The George Gund Foundation. The Maternal Vitality Study centers family vitality at the core of the study and invites Black women to contribute strategies to identify and combat not only maternal depression, but also race-related stressors during 15 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based therapy sessions.

Sneak-Peek inside the February Maternal Vitality Study Newsletter

  • Introduction to the Maternal Vitality Study funded by the George Gund Foundation
  • Reading Corner: In this release we introduce you to literature that closely relates to our Maternal Vitality Study.
  • Community Resources: We work with the communities we serve! In each Newsletter release find some resources that might be of help to you!
  • Featured Participant: Abby Rinehart, Joyful Together Participant


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