Therapeutic Behavioral Services


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Therapeutic Behavioral Services: Using Interventions based on Principles and Techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
For unlicensed behavioral health service providers, this is an introduction to therapeutic behavioral services. Features 101 step-by-step, hands-on interventions including what to say and what to do.

These interventions are informed by CBT-Plus™ — our innovative clinical model that expands and enriches cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) by incorporating critical knowledge from fields such as interpersonal psychology and neurobiology to address the psychobiological impact of client experiences. CBT-Plus™ intentionally weaves trauma- and toxic stress-informed care into the foundations of CBT rather than viewing such approaches as adjunctive or optional. This approach validates and recognizes our clients’ lived experiences that must be appreciated to deliver high quality, patient-centered care.

Includes worksheets.

This book is one in a series of clinical manuals developed by OhioGuidestone, the largest community behavioral health organization in Ohio, and based on its extensive experience with training new therapists and other behavioral health interventionists to work with clients who face severe, therapy-interfering challenges.

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